Inspirational Advocates

This new section of the Good 2 Know Blog will introduce young change makers, organisations and campaigns from across the world. The first person we are introducing is Taiwo. Read his story.



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My name Fasoranti Oluseyi Taiwo, a 36-year Old a citizen of Nigeria and I reside in Canada.[/one_half] [one_half_last]

I see advocacy as a way of action to support, challenge, plead for and recommend a cause of action to particular issues that affect the daily life of people and their environment.

I got into advocacy to engage my community and youth of the world to challenge the barriers of development, and to lend a voice to the voiceless youth in my world. My first advocacy experience happened years back when rural youths in my country longed for drinkable water in their community and their voice wasn’t heard by the central government.

I joined the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) to advocate on behalf of the rural youth for drinkable water, when living in the central city. When I joined, I communicated the requests of the youths to the state government and lobbied the right channels in the government. We set up meetings with other residents of the community and their request was approved by the government after rigorous negotiations and bureaucracies in the Nigerian system of government.I am active in many advocacy programmes locally and internationally. I would be happy, if advocacy programmes can extend to the less privileged using technologies and advocacy tools in the language they can easily understand.Advocacy should be everyday task of negotiating and communicating what the citizens require to enjoy a good standard living to the governments. For this to happen we need to empower people with adequate advocacy training to bring about change in their community and the world as a whole.As one of the Global citizens, I wish to change my world for the better and give a future and sustainable development for the future and present generations. To engage in the causes that will improve the citizens’ rights and make the world a better place to live in.[/one_half_last]