Who We Are?

our history

It all started in Berlin, Germany and was inspired by a group of young women who read the book “The way of the Empress” by Christine Li. This made them realise that ordinary girls can  achieve great things.

This book  has been an inspiration and a live partner and tells the story of a poor girl, who made it all the way up to be the most powerful woman in an Empire.

M∙prez Enterprise is an organization formed on behalf of women, children and young people in the fields of arts, culture, education, technology, communication, science and health. It supports them in their creative endeavors in those fields and other areas that affect them.

The company is limited by guarantee since 2009, but has ran projects and activities in partnership and in a freelance capacity. We began a journey where M-prez Enterprise started organising events, produced music, created a radio show called  Gheto Yuth Vibez and a TV show called Triple T.

M-prez Enterprise’s original founders were: Tortie, Chaos and Drama, and Eve 1. Over the past years, M-prez Enterprise has formed international networks to be a resource that strives collectively to provide opportunities for various participants especially for women and young people. We engage participants through these disciplines and all the other areas that are for the benefit of women, children, and young people across the globe to transform their lives.

The organization embraces an individual and interdisciplinary approach to arts, culture, education, technology, communication, science and health and will encourage closing the gap between those disciplines and supporting them in their participation, through a variety of innovative approaches, programs, products, and services.

M∙prez Enterprise aspires to uplift and aid in the self-development of women and girls from ethnic minorities, a historically at-risk and traditionally underserved population.

Thanks for your interest and looking forward to meeting you.

Tomar (Chief Executive Officer