FREE Oxford University Summer School for 1000 Students

UNIQ summer school 2014

To: all Y12 students in UK state schools/colleges who have done really well at GCSE….
Are you curious to find out more about Oxford?  Have you made judgements about Oxford based on what others say about it?

If you are self motivated and working well above the average for your school, the summer school aims to give you a realistic view of Oxford.  You spend a week living in an Oxford college, attending lectures, seminars and tutorials.
“What is Oxford really like?”,  “Would I fit in?”,  “ Am I clever enough?”.   These are all questions that, by the end of the week you’ll be able to answer for yourself.

If you have several A*s and As at GCSE and are now studying for your A levels you should have a good look at the UNIQ summer school.  It’s completely free of charge, it’s open to all UK state school/college students in Year 12, and it’s your chance to see what Oxford is really like.

Next summer 1000 students will attend the summer school for 1 week.  It’s intensive and competitive and it’s also a lot of fun.
An Oxford education is remarkable.  It is also accessible to anyone who has the will to work hard and the intellectual curiosity to delve deeply into their chosen subject.

Online applications for the UNIQ summer school open on 7 January 2014 at 10am and close on 24 February at 5pm.

For further information and access to the online application form
The widening access team are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.  They are contactable at [email protected]

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  1. Well done for flagging up this information which should be made available by all schools to their pupils. Working in South Westminster, in London I will try to pass on the information to children in my area. Good to have stumbled on to your site. An inspiration for other organisations trying to improve access to information that will help all children to be their best.

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