The Impact of Covid-19 on Anxiety and Depression Part 2 – 05/11/2020

Palava Tree Resource

Thanks again for attending our Palava Tree session. Please find below some resources and points we discussed. 

In the presentation there was a link to assess your mood.

Black women meditation recommendations by our sister D.:

African dance workout

Affirmations for black women

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Yoga and meditation can be used as tools to balance increasing levels of anxiety.

Avoid using alcohol or other similar stimulants as a means of managing feelings.

If you become overwhelmed with feelings that persist seek professional advice guidance and support.  

Essential oils are beneficial for alleviating stress and balancing low moods, particularly Lavender and Geranium.  Add a few drops to bathwater, and swirl around before getting into the bath Alternatively you can use a diffuser which will assist in spreading the aroma into the air, creating an atmosphere that is calming and soothing.