The Black Child Agenda – 22/10/2020

Palava Tree Resource 

Please find below some of the information from the event you attended. 

The Black Child Agenda CIC is a range of information and is a great resource. They have a WhatsApp group for homeschooling (use mobile number below) you can join and a Facebook group. Below is her information. 


Cheryl Phonix 

The Black Child Agenda CIC

emails:  [email protected]

Tel: 07856473039


During the session, Cheryl has mentioned the process for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) 

  • To get in contact with an Educational Psychologist and get an Educational Health Care Form, which can take up to 3 months. 
  • There is about £56,000 of funding for a child with special needs. 
  • Also, if not successful you will have to go through the complaints procedure. And Also can go to the High Cout of Disability Discrimination if your complaint is not successful. 
  • Another tip Cheryl has shared is to always email the school to have a written record.
  • There is a free Home Education Diploma Course on
  • Below I have also attached a De-registration letter.



De-registering your child 


Head teacher’s Name

School name

Schools address

The Date


Re: Full name of child d.o.b. Date of birth

Dear Head’s name

I am writing to inform you that my son/daughter Child(rens) Name(s) is receiving an education at

home, otherwise than at school in accordance with Section 7 of the Education Act 1996.


Therefore, please remove his/her/their name(s) from the school register as from the date you wish to

leave in accordance with the Education (Pupil Registration) Regulation 2016 section 8(1)(d) for

mainstream schools.


Please confirm in writing that my child(ren) has/have been removed from the school register.

I wish all future communications to be in writing to my address (See above).


Yours sincerely

sign here Your name