World Bank Group Youth Summit 2013






The 2013 Youth Summit is an event championed by the Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program in collaboration with other units at The World Bank Group (WBG), held on October 3, 2013. The theme for the event is “Youth Entrepreneurship: Cultivating an innovative spirit to alleviate global youth unemployment”. The summit will feature notable panelists of the development community, and will provide a forum for young people from around the globe to share innovative ideas and solutions to current development challenges to create opportunities for youth employment and job creation.

The summit will address three areas: Youth Employment, Education, Millennial Communications – the use of social media and technology for development. Before the summit, a Development Case Study Competition aims to provide youth with the opportunity to propose innovative solutions and business products for real development issues that the WBG and external partners are striving to solve.



> Is the case study competition open to non-World Bank Group employees and affiliates?

Yes! The Development Case Competition is open to anyone who is 18-35 years old, anywhere in the world. Participants can compete individually or join in teams of 2 to 5 individuals.

> Can a team or individual provide a solution for more than one development case?

Participants can only submit one solution in response to one of the four development cases.

> Is attendance to the Youth Summit reserved for competition participants?

Anyone can attend the Youth Summit without having participated in the Case Study Competition. In fact, you are more than welcome to! Registration to attend the Youth Summit on October 3, 2013 is open.