Midland’s first Pan-African Women’s Festival of 2020.

Midland’s first Pan-African Women’s Festival of 2020.

On Saturday 11th January 2020, Sisters Talk, a Pan-African Women’s Festival will create a space for black women in the African Diaspora of African, Caribbean and mixed heritage to gather, celebrate and share knowledge and stories about their experiences of racism, sexism and stereotypes and shining a light on black women’s resilience and successes moving forward in 2020. 


This Midlands-based day event will take place at the Derby Conference Centre from 10:30 am – 5.30 pm. It aims to inform, unite and empower black women through workshops, masterclasses, discussion groups, performances, stalls and a fantastic after-party.


Topics will include: protecting children from grooming; how to deal with stereotypes; exploring the multiple identities black women have; using herbs for physical and mental health; female-led entrepreneurship to build an additional income, self-love relationships. 


Sisters Talk has been a pilot project created for Derby women, but the Festival is opening this space up to all Pan-African women. A Sisters Talk participant said about their programmed sessions, ‘’ (The) Speaker was very interesting. She covered social media and self-perception and shared an informative video. I was intrigued by the group participation. Upon reflection it was not just about another’s view it was how I saw myself. Very engaging’’


The Sisters Talk Pan-African Women’s Festival is set to be an event to bring focus to one’s goals and joy to one’s heart as we move into 2020 & beyond.