There seem to be few spaces where women, who face sexism and racism can discuss and share their experiences. M-prez Enterprise is piloting this new project called Sisters Talk. Its a space for black women of African, African Caribbean and mixed heritage.  It has 3 strands with different workshops and activities in Derby. 

Sister Shout

This a series of topical women and girls meetings that discusses issues and practices in the communities and barriers women face. It is a safe space too speak out and loud for themselves and share experiences to become, who they want to be. It addresses practices such as FGM and Breast Ironing in African communities. Barriers black women face such as low income, child care responsibilities, racism, and adjusting to a English system.

Sister Love

It focuses on self image, self love, their mental and physical health. The emphasis is on activities to feel more comfortable with themselves, assist girls in debunking social media beauty standards and addressing issues in the community of colourism and self care. This includes taster sessions for various physical activities to get more active. They are introduced to sessions such as, Yoga, Self defence and rock climbing for example. Advice on cooking their ethnic food more healthier.

Sister Go

This part of the project will assist participants that are interested in entrepreneurship. To develop services or products through the lean startup approach.

Sisters Talk Pan African Women’s Festival Saturday 11th January 2020

This part is open or black women across the country. We invite motivational speakers and successful women in business, voluntary sector to come and speak about their achievements through a series of talks. With workshops to gain self esteem and confidence and to meet new people and widen their network. There will also be an opportunity for the ladies that have gone through the Lean Start Up Approach to showcase or sell/ display their prototyped products/services.

This funding was awarded by the Community Foundation for Staffordshire as part of the Tampon Tax Community Fund.