Past Projects

Past Events and Projects we have been involved in:

Sisters Talk Pan African Women’s Festival Saturday 11th January 2020

                                                                                     Sisters Talk

This event is open to black women from across the country. We invite motivational speakers and successful women in business, voluntary sector to come and speak about their achievements through a series of talks. With workshops to gain self esteem and confidence and to meet new people and widen their network.

Sisters Talk Pilot Project Jan 2019 – Jan 2020

A space for black women of African, African Caribbean and mixed heritage. It has 3 strands with different workshops and activities in Derby. 

Sister Shout

This a series of topical women and girls meetings that discusses issues and practices in the communities and barriers women face. It is a safe space too speak out and loud for themselves and share experiences to become, who they want to be. It addresses practices such as FGM and Breast Ironing in African communities. Barriers black women face such as low income, child care responsibilities, racism, and adjusting to a English system.

Sister Love

It focuses on self image, self love, their mental and physical health. The emphasis is on activities to feel more comfortable with themselves, assist girls in debunking social media beauty standards and addressing issues in the community of colourism and self care. This includes taster sessions for various physical activities to get more active. They are introduced to sessions such as, Yoga, Self defence and rock climbing for example. Advice on cooking their ethnic food more healthier.

Sister Go

This part of the project will assist participants that are interested in entrepreneurship. To develop services or products through the lean startup approach.

This funding was awarded by the Community Foundation for Staffordshire as part of the Tampon Tax Community Fund.

On The Side Line -Photographs of the East and West African Campaign in World War 1

This project is based in Derby. The project enables local people in Derby and the Midlands to come together to explore     the British East and West African Campaign and its Black Soldiers who fought during WW1, also known in Africa as the Great War, through photographs. The project offers workshops to participants and trains volunteers in archiving, research and interpretation as well as providing visits to the Imperial War Museum and other archives to inspect heir collection of photographs. These photographs enable the volunteers to interpret the stories in a new way.

Although the Great War had a global impact on communities, families and individuals, there has been relatively minor coverage of the involvement of Black, Arab and Indian African soldiers under British command during the conflict. The East and West African Campaigns, although sometimes considered a sideshow for Britain, was very real for those in Africa where many indigenous Africans lost their lives in combat or through diseases.

Participants and volunteers will be helped to understand why Africa and other colonies were involved in something that was characterised as a European war.

We would like to share the information by creating a booklet with the information we find. To this end, we will be working in partnership with Nottingham University’s “The Centre for Hidden Histories” and supported by the Derby Community Trust, Derby Museum and historians Dr Anne Samson and Emeritus Professor David Killingray.


Singing Story

An exciting new early years project for children from 0-5 years and their families from Derby.

Join us once a month for free fun music sessions based on exciting children books with a light lunch afterwards.

Spaces are limited 15 spaces per session so register to avoid disappointment.

This project is funded by Foundation Derbyshire.  REGISTRATION

Saturday 4th February 2017, 5pm -7.30 pm, Potters House Derby 

UNTOLD STORY PART 2- Black Soldiers in World War I 

This event explores the involvement of African/Caribbean soldiers during World War I. Invited is author and historian H. Barnes (Why Are West Indians here in this country?- Book on sale), who will share knowledge spanning 400 years of African/Caribbean contribution in the military services, and is joined by veterans in a parade of standards.
Light refreshments available.
Donations upon entry appreciated.

Past Event



untold-story-part-2 untold-story-part-22

Come and join M-prez Enterprise to our UNTOLD STORY event.


UNTOLD STORY explores the black presence during the First World War. We invited Garry Stewart from Recognize, to shed some light on the history of Africans and African Caribbeans during the First World War. There is entertainment on the evening provided by Go Be Gifted and light refreshments are also available. Everybody is welcome.

This event is supported by the Centre for Hidden Histories.

Date:  Saturday 26th November 2016

Time: 6.30pm – 9pm

Location: Potters House Church Derby,  254 Abbey St, Derby DE22 3SX


M-prez Enterprise received funding from Awards For All to offer 30 people in Birmingham and Sandwell a unique training to become more active in their communities, develop their leadership and gain other new skills.  Participants will learn how to build their own campaign, write press releases, learn strategies, and engage with governments and many more techniques to gain attention for their cause.

Advocacy project flyer PRINT READY Advocacy project flyer PRINT READY

The project was inspired through the experience of Aston Entrepreneur Tomar Beh, who was part of the Road To Rio Campaign, where she met with Janez Potocnik the European Commissioner for Environment and  other young change makers from across Europe. 

[emptybox] The funded training is now completed, however there are opportunities for groups and organisations to run the workshops in their community. Contact us for more information. [/emptybox]



The Party is just getting started. Enjoy a truly Ladies night with Miss Shinjuku and M-prez NoLo on the decks. Playing the best in Afrobeas, Dancehall and other urban music.



Building partnerships to enhance the roles of civil society, business and science in sustainable development campaigns

Sustainable Development

“Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

From MDGs to SDGs

International governments are failing to reach the 2015  Millennium Development Goals (MDG) targets. The post MDG agenda will be Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recurrent themes are climate change, green economy, water scarcity, food security, populations and institutional frameworks. Communities in developing countries are facing most of these challenges and our aim is to enable people to affect the change needed.

About the Event

 This is a 5-day event organised in partnership with Junior Chamber International Nigeria, Young Volunteers for the Environment, Sola Line, and M-prez Enterprise. The event is a series of seminars, workshops and visits to encourage the sharing of expertise, business opportunities and ideas between organisations from the Commonwealth and those in the UK. Sustainable development will be looked at from a global perspective and participants will share learning from UK organisations with regards to waste & recycling management, energy and climate change, community involvement and advocacy strategies, business and technology & science innovations.


This event will allow networking opportunities for Commonwealth organisations and UK organisations to learn about environmental challenges, sustainable practices and new technologies to take advantage of new opportunities to expand operations within their home countries and ways to make their voices heard. Through the sharing of experiences and best practices, we create more sustainable communities with regards to economic development and that benefits the environment.


Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone the training to the 23rd July – 26th July 2014. This means it will be done more intensive over 4 days instead of 5.


The 5-day training will cost: £200 . (All training costs need to be paid in advance, there will be a £50 non refundable admin charge if you book the training and do not  attend)

You will be responsible for your travel, visa arrangements and food, however, we can assist you with finding the best options for yourself wherever it is practicable.


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