About Us

M∙prez Enterprise is an award winning organization formed on behalf of women and young adults in the fields of arts, culture, education, technology, communication, science and health. It provides activities for the public with a special interest in supporting women and young adults in their creative endeavours in those fields and other areas that affect them.

Just from the nature as a women’s organisation we are concerned about, how we will leave the world behind for our children (biological or not). We use an holistic approach and look at development that is local and global. This also means we start and try to change the situation and environment we currently find ourselves in.

We want to create a bright future for the next generations and it can only be achieved through sustainable development. We recognize that we are interconnected and our actions or inactions today have an impact for tomorrow.

Sustainable Development is in the interest of us all. Learn more  https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/

Our Mission

M-prez Enterprise is to be creative platform and resource for females and young adults, concerned with their unique experience and ambitions.  It acts as a mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend among themselves and the rest of the world.

M∙prez Enterprise aspires to uplift and aid in the self- development of women and girls from ethnic minorities, a historically at-risk and traditionally under served population.

We have exciting new projects for this year planned. Such as our early years music, crafts and storytelling activity called Singing Story Reloaded, On The Sideline and Sisters Talk.







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